The reality is, dating applications are everywhere, and for those who are residing in the city searching for that special someone would surely be daunting if there’s no aide with technology no wonder a lot of single individuals are hooked to different online dating apps in search for a relationship.

However, there are a lot of individuals who uses multiple online dating applications which can be overwhelming in result and this could lead to confusion and other negative results so why not use just one app? It is better to choose one dating application that suits all your needs and wants rather than using multiple apps because this will play a huge factor in the future of searching for your soul mate, the perfect one or your ideal partner that is why it is important to find the proper online dating app for you.

We have listed down the most popular dating app for everyone. Included in the list are its descriptions; pros and cons and other informative details to give you a great insight about dating apps that is widely used by many people worldwide to meet new people.

  • TINDER- There are a lot of testimonials of people who successfully landed a relationship whether it is serious or just casual just by swiping left and right with your smart phone because of Tinder. For many, it is the ideal online dating application for people who has been single for three to five years. You can find a match 24/7, anytime and anywhere. In fact, there is an eleven percent increase of registered users from 2016 to 2017 because of its endless possibilities to meet new people who vary from age, location, gender, and sexual preferences and there is a huge guarantee that you will meet someone within an hour or roughly within a day. Aside from the free account, there is a premium account for those who want to dig deeper into the Tinder community which is a greater option for people who are desperately want to escape singlehood.


However, because of huge number of users of this app, there’s a tendency that you will not land your ideal match immediately. It is difficult for you to either find a solid match or keep someone chatting with you for hours because a lot of its users believe to collect as many matches as they can and select which for them is the best.

  • BUMBLE- If you are patient enough to wait for a person to send you a message, bumble suits you the most. A lot of female uses this app compared to male. Unlike Tinder, your match will expire within a day if there is no conversation initiated between the matched people.
  • OK CUPID- Unlike Tinder and Bumble, this is a paid online dating app which also has its own web version. For its free version, you can only view profiles and like their profile but this will not send any notification to the person you liked. What makes it unique is that you can write an entire essay about yourself where you can include your interest, your life story and even your hobbies.




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